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    A National Crisis We Can't Ignore
    Family Breakdown in America
    High divorce rates, latchkey kids, unfettered teens, and lack of family morals are destroying our country.

Traditional Family

Today, traditional American families, or those with two married parents and children, are declining at a rapid rate. There are many different factors that have contributed to this phenomenon, including lower marriage rates, increased divorce rates, and the devaluation of marriage in general. While these may be current-day trends, some argue they will not continue as future generations grow up.

  • Lower Marriage Rates
    These are the Starship Enterprise

    In today's society, fewer and fewer Americans get married and a higher percentage of Americans even marry at all. Not only are fewer Americans getting married, but the age at which people get married for the first time has also increased. During the post-war period, most women under age 21 were married, but today, many women in their forties remain unmarried.

  • Devaluation of Marriage
    These are the Starship Enterprise

    The decline in marriage rates among young adults in America can partially be traced back to what is seen as socially acceptable and desirable. Today, many young adults do not feel like marriage aligns with their values and that marriage will keep them from experiences they find more valuable, such as pursuing a lucrative career, travelling the world, or getting an education.

  • Divorce Rates
    These are the Starship Enterprise

    Many divorce lawyers and researchers agree that in recent years, not as many couples get divorced. While this can be traced back to the lower rate of marriage in America, more and more couples still find that their marriage ends in divorce. Some believe that this change is due to the fact that divorce is a more acceptable course of action than it once was.

What's on The Horizon?

While the traditional two-parent family may be declining in America, some believe that these trends will not continue on a long-term basis. For example, in a survey completed by the children of divorced children, the participants looked on the process as unfavorable, which may shape the marriage and family choices of those raised in a society where divorce has become normal.

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